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Embrace the Serenity, Indulge in Luxury


What is  Elephant Corridor?

Embrace the Serenity, Indulge in Luxury

Welcome to Elephant Corridor Resort, the ideal location for a tranquil and enjoyable getaway. Our resort is the perfect place for your upcoming adventure because it is situated in the picturesque Kanthalloor scenery, surrounded by tropical crops, and close to Munnar.

At Elephant Corridor Resort, we recognize that a safe travel companion is necessary for a special trip. Because of this, we make sure that all of our visitors experience a sense of safety and security. We have everything you need to make your trip exceptional, whether you're traveling alone, with friends, or with family.

"Embrace the Serenity, Indulge in Luxury at Elephant Corridor Resort"

Our project features a distinctive deck platform architecture and is situated on a lovely acre of land. This exciting holiday spot was created with minimal impact on the environment, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable hideaway. You'll appreciate the ideal balance of comfort and adventure thanks to the roomy and distinctive architecture.

Elephant Corridor Resort, which is 4500 feet above sea level and away from the metropolitan jungle, offers a mysterious atmosphere that is tranquil and quiet. Our resort offers a tranquil location to refresh your body and mind with easy access to anywhere else.

Our resort is a gorgeous location for a tropical wedding or honeymoon in addition to being the ideal vacation getaway. You'll enjoy a seductive hotel experience beyond anything you've ever had or could have imagined.

Indoor-outdoor living, infinity pools, and two breathtaking views are all features of the Elephant Corridor Resort. Our resort is ideal for young explorers; it's not only a playground for grownups. Your kids will enjoy discovering the limitless opportunities at our alluring location.

We also provide limitless options in a compelling setting for hosting an event that is unique, unforgettable, and meticulously organized. With the addition of unique experiences, Elephant Corridor Resort carefully selects events to assist you in taking care of business.

Come and discover Elephant Corridor Resort's enchantment. We'll make sure your visit is enjoyable and one you won't soon forget.



Indoor-Outdoor Games


Rock Climbing



Infinity pools

Kids’ park

Swing Bridge


Night safari

Luxury villas and suites

Musical walkways

Spider Net 


Farm visit

Elevated walkway 

Garden seating

Indoor & outdoor dining

Room Service

Live barbeque



A Fusion of Investment & Entertainment

The earth is the ultimate investment, and when you make an investment at Elephant Corridor, you don’t just acquire a piece of the land; you also gain real estate and It goes much beyond that. You may jointly own a resort with assured earnings starting only one year after making a one-time investment of as little as Rs. 100,000.

Your dream becomes a reality when you invest with Elephant Corridor 

Are you a smart investor who believes that big bucks are not a Prerequisite to being a successful investor? Then you are at the righteous place.


Elephant Corridor is the perfect investment program for you, where you can build a solid business with some low rollers. You just have to invest a small amount to become an owner of a resort!!

Just don’t wait to be involved with...
Elephant Corridor,


Let's evolve with an innovative investment.


Partner Benefits

40% of the rental belongs to partners

Guaranteed returns at bank rates or higher

Enjoy two complimentary stays at the property every year

50 % discount can be availed for the additional  rooms other than the free stay 

25 % discount can be availed for the additional  rooms other than the free stay

Assured annual returns are guaranteed from the first year onward.

Enjoy a 25% discount on food and beverages, as well as other activities

Partner Type

₹ 1 Lakh

Gold Plan

Enjoy 2 complimentary stays at the property every year in off season

₹ 2 Lakh

Platinum Plan

Enjoy 2 complimentary stays at the property every year, one seasonal stay and one in off season.


Is an Initiative of



Special Club Travalet benefits for Elephant Corridor Investors

Room Nights-  Wallet Cash

If you don't want Free Rooms the cash will settle to your Club Travalet/ Bank Account

Travel Membership

Every stake holders get Rs. 5000 worth  FREE TRAVEL MEMBERSHIP

Fast Filling Rooms

  Fast filling Room Booking through Club Travalet Members, so stakeHolders get more income. 

Club Travalet is a platform that offers
customers the benefit of booking hotel (luxury
to economy) stays anywhere in India at the
lowest prices oblivious to seasonal price

Group of Skier
Travelling in America


  • Founded in 2018 with headquarters in Kochi.

  • State & Central Government recognized start-up company registered as “TVTRIPNSTAY HOLIDAYS PRIVATE LIMITED”.

  • Introduced the most affordable timeshare product in the market by the beginning of 2020.

  • Individual & Corporate products with dedicated team of professionals to handle each segment with utmost care and detailing.

  • Partnered with 1500+ properties at 110+ destinations all over India within a short span of time benefitting 6000+ club members.

  • 25000+ customers

  • 100000+ Travel Trips completed.

  • 24X7 customer service.


Being a reputed firm, we partner with all major stakeholders in the industry to offer maximum value at most competitive rates in the market.


We do not charge annual maintenance or additional service fee or any other hidden fees. We strive to maintain utmost transparency to our

Stability: Fixed pricing -

There are no seasonal price variations (except for specific blackout dates, which are usually public/festive holidays).


Unlike our competitors, we partner
with multiple properties at each
destinations which avoids the risk of
non-availability of rooms at any given


Plan benefits are availed based on points based booking system. We provide stay options starting from

80 points per night based on star categorization of respective hotels.

Room Occupancy & Meals:

A maximum of 2 guests are permitted to occupy each room. Breakfast is included. Discounted rates shall be provided for
additional meals, if required.


Flexible plans to suit all kinds of
business travel & leisure requirements
round the year.

Stay packages designed exclusively
for corporate & leisure clients.

Offers best-in-class hotels and resorts ranging from 2* to 5* category at all popular destinations in India.

Simplified booking process.

Optimum benefits at the most
competitive rates in the market.

Currently features 1500+ properties
at over 110+ destinations all over
India and abroad. More properties and
destinations are being added
periodically to ensure our clients
are provided with more options
to choose from.


Looking at the View

No AMC (no manitenance
& utility charges

1500+ partner properties &  110+ destinations

2 or more tie up properties in every destinations

Block your special day in advance

No seasonal variations

Gifting & ownership change option

Top-up & Upgrade option

Carry forwarding & Multiple room booking option

Discount & Add-on benefits

Easy to book through web

Referral income & Gift vouchers

Luxury & Premium rooms

Submit your details now to know more
For more details

Club Travalet,

1st floor, Mukkath Plaza,
Bye pass Jn, Aluva 683101

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